Thursday, 2/14/2013

yes i realize that to market is to go to market, is to market
my faces. And to face is to save face and that forward going is
to progress and to spend hours making friendships and retrieving
old friends and forgotten friends. To face them, in other words

is to book something inevitable because inevitably you have to
face to market. And present yourself, to stand on many platforms
instantly, pictorially, flickering faces and social connections.
To face is like--to like, but never to dislike, as in get out of 
my face.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

So I begin to conceive of poetry itself as a kind of timehri:
a human imprint with all that's recorded in and by that impri-
int, into a kind of enduring enigmatic silence - the poem si-
nging back to life when you see it, say it; but that 'silenc-
(e)' encoded with that ancient memory - the sound of the fir-
st (forest) trees and rivers, slant of sunlight on the slopes
of mountains, anima of dream and nightmare, the voices of all
those voiceless generations...

--Kamau Brathwaite, conVERSations with Nathaniel Mackey, 1997, p. 199.

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