Sunday, 2/17/2013

Skipped two days, dropped stitches;
picking up the loop. In crochet lingo:
   YO (yarn-over) into the next work.

The other work, editing, done for the day
and I'm at the cafe
                     writing this;
thought to read Julian's obit
 to which my heart expanded
      he had that effect on his students
though I didn't get his endless quest
      (even as his T.A.) 
for the truth of "will" and "shall" but
with love, the noun, he was fearless
appending to each student's name
   the magic word

  "as if he was some sort of God"

it matters, it matters

the heart of the matter I guess
is somewhere between will
and shall         

in the blackened twigs and branches
of oak that I gathered today, charred
remains of a controlled burn
in the field
           now charcoal to draw with
these trees

Not-so-random lines from online:

"The traditional idiomatic test of shall and will is one
of the points that are regarded as infallible tests of the
true English speaker; it offers peculiar difficulties to Scots,
Irishmen, and Americans, the main difference being that these
use will in many places where the Englishman uses shall.

-- C.T. Onions, quoted in "Shall and Will," by Julian and Zelda Boyd, p.48., 
The State of the Language, eds. Leonard Micaels, Christopher B. Ricks