Tuesday, 2/19/2013

* the work went on as it does, correctly and with only minor defects
* minor frisson of horror at another passing day (the passing of days)
* body continues its tolerably slow (for now) deterioration
* weather offers wholesome entertainment
* black horse taken out of hiding by his hiding owners
* the hive of facebook offers nano drones, dogs to be rescued, Bush nostalgia
* also births, deaths, paleo diets, and protests 
* witness strange operations of the thermostat, timing itself to the gas stove
* afterwork emptiness, rufusing to do anything else but this diurnal
* and the looping of crochet stitches

diurnal, diurnal, journal, journal

Random lines from my bookshelf:

We amuse ourselves in repetition. One desire or another
             leads to self-hypnosis, the dazed
             critics in sensual display.
                  And yet love streams across the open towers
where I wait, holed up in a question of mourning while the litigation

-- Gene Frumkin, from "Blueprint for a New Planet," Hambone 18