Friday, 2/22/2013

I'll take that: "knowing, going
with the distortion," remember "as-is"?
even not knowing,
    not glorifying, but as we are
animals, dreaming thinking too much

burning a house
in thought

which is not this house

domestic as mundane, mundanity
    or ordinary. as a private
    joke, a keeping of house

how will it change?
the mind thinks   over
           the course of a year

The pics you posted, my twisted
cactus, an oar, toothbrushes and
aspirin; two printers, a Netflix
in the basket, and a painting of
naked Calafia sitting on a giant
armadillo. This is home 

Random lines from my bookshelf:

Given that, once again, the "reasonable" words--to which
in any case she has access only through mimicry--are powerless
to translate all that pulses, clamors, and hangs hazily in the
cryptic passages of hysterical suffering-latency. Then....
Turn everything upside down, inside out, back to front. Rack it
with radical convulsions, carry back, reimport, those crises that
her "body" suffers in her impotence to say what disturbs her.

--Luce Irigaray, Speculum of the Other Woman, p. 142.