Saturday, 2/23/2013

Saturn's day. Rhymes with Irigaray.
note to myself:
"keep it together"
and the body's all like
       the usual denial

sunny but chilly
someone's trashed a rental
then left it for a landlord

"I feel off"

Two bees (count 'em) on the ceanothus

    And now this here Elkhorn,
population "4,082" (though the 2010
census reported only 1,565) once 
a railroad stop 
    for the Southern Pacific
there is one store, the Elkhorn
Superette, and from the top of Bay View
the hills slope down to tidal salt marsh
    glistening horns yes of the
          slough branching out to sea
the long straight drive, 4 miles
down Dolan Rd. past the blackbird
barn, past Moon Glow Dairy's
moo cows geese and heron rookery
a straight shot to the power plant's
mysterious architecture, giant
Tesla coils 

oh but love you
are so good to me

        clacking, it was nice,
        driving and lunch too
     and laundry
oh yes and latte + brownie (blondie)
Took Paterson (New Directions)
off the shelf, it's been what 15
20 years? A black and white manly
cover. Next to red and yellow I-Hotel
and somewhere in there, Manong Al
and Joselyn too, though unnamed (I mean
in the hotel, being dragged out)

              outside myself
                          there is a world"

Random lines from my bookshelf:

he rumbled, subject to my incursions
---a world
               (to me) at rest,
                         which I approach

---William Carlos Williams, Paterson, p. 57