Sunday, 2/24/2013

On the way to the Fairgrounds, I realize 
the "ghost" graffiti is on a gypsum 
     injection tower, not
a propane tank. Our route on Hwy. 1 follows
the old Southern Pacific line, Coast Route
     built with Chinese labor, 1880s.
We pass "Scribble Hill" and I forget to look
for signs, fascinated instead by two dogs'
arduous but happy climb up the big dune.
oh, hello Richard Henry Dana--- 
              Did you trudge up this hill
     sign your name with pine needles?

"Monterey Pop" I'm thinking when 
      we get to the Fairgrounds
Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix,
all the rest; funny I can't say the one
without the other
     and I was too young to go, even
to sneak in
      but today we pay; and it's cats
Scottish Folds, Sphynxes, Burmese,
in particular a British Blue
with yellow eyes
              reaching out a paw through
the cage  but you don't touch here
its all for show    

Number 4
         significant for some reason
having nothing to do with cats

and after cats, there was banh mi.

I tried to draw the Brit Blue
but "failed"


The topic has a force of its own

I surrender.

Random lines from my bookshelf:

... just killing time between wars
... the code phrase is "extra biscuits"
... we're safe as kittens

K. silem mohammad, "Peace Kittens," in Deer Head Nation