Tuesday, 2/26/2013

garlic fried rice    food speaks
   doesn't it? gets you through simple
present singular and present perfect;
sufferings of words shuffled down
      the assembly line of  "outcomes"

assembled piecemeal, passing bits
of verbs and nouns, student by student   
               Lucille Ball in the candy factory
               clowned her way through it
---modern times

Can't know your story, unless I know
your story, but then
    nothing else will matter

Between work, between meals,
a clearing

       tossing whole pieces,
letters, magazines, cards, legal documents,
house sale documents, pencil sketches too
a funeral guest list, prayers 
to saint francis for the repose...

     from the other life 
     carried into this 2nd decade
     of the 21st century

notebook after notebook, blank ones
half-filled ones, 

gone; can't do anything about it
   and won't

I bequeath you to Waste Management       
loves, terrors, anxious days

Random lines from my bookshelf:

As time plays with us
at the edge of the great pit,
on the fringe of night
rub two, three, four, six,
and let them fly off on that other side.

---Octavio Paz, "Fire by Friction," from A Tree Within, p. 49.