Saturday, 3/2/2013

Three days gone forever, not noted, not recorded
Nothing, a poetry gap. There will be more, always
More until there isn't. But what's to say about

A trip to the bank to recover a lost password, or 
Nachos with carnitas; I write it today with
A voice very prosaic, non-poetic. Did you know

That Frank O'Hara hung out with Edward Gorey?
But who cares? They are both dead. Did you know
That Spanish is the language of choice in my

Neighborhood, spoken by neighbors, landlords,
The vaqueros exercising horses on the Charriada
Grounds, the workers in the artichoke fields,

And the postal clerks? And I don't speak Spanish,
Or not much. But enough to know when they're
Talking about me. Now there are also Mixtecs

And Zapotecs from the valleys of trees. Today I drew 
A portrait of M. using burnt oak twigs from the 
controlled burn as charcoal. Worked good, too. 

You remember the controlled burn? I mentioned it
Last week. At the equator where earth is moving
The fastest, people actually weigh a few ounces

Less than at the poles because of centrifugal
Forces generated by earth's rotation.* Who needs
Television, when you have someone lovable nearby 

To tell you such things. Yesterday was sunny;
Today has been overcast, foggy even. Everything
Changes, goes in and out of whack. Like those

Time-lapsed films that allow you to watch the
Disintegration of a fox's body after death; the
Maggoty period goes by in a flash, and suddenly

The body crumbles, goes dark, and disappears
Into the earth, is soon covered with leaves
And acorns, and more leaves, and soon enough a

Bird or child will choose that spot to die in --
I knew there was a connection to Gorey, to compression
and the valleys of trees. It comes around, eventually

*Nick Herbert, Ph.D., Faster than Light: Super
Luminal Loopholes in Physics (1989, p. 23). 

Random lines from my bookshelf:

In any given situation
note the important amount of disintegration

To start the sentence with
what is said is eaten --
there's liquid in the speaker

---Alli Warren, "Poem for After Sex," Schema.