Friday, 3/8/2013

develop --
         a reveal or unfold, not growth into
nation's wonderment of Self Self
Satisfaction not point A 
to point pinioned; 
           envelope unglued 
                   points and wings
unwrapped   des  veloper

"the photographic sense from 1845"

"the real estate sense from 1890"

this is how it rolls 

    saging bulaklak purple

layers unpeeled
from a peduncle
from a navel


* * *

I want a small box in which
to place my things, medicines,
a nail clipper, ear buds, coins

to enclose the objects
to keep them from running away
             with my story

       Brindle coat "using beautiful paper
and stamps in an inventive storytelling
collage process" extensive slobbering
          he comes sniffing around our
          territory       i recall

his restless profile

Random lines from my bookshelf:

Being a puggala means that you have a human body but
might not be fully human---internally you might be
operating more like an animal or a hungry ghost.

---Amaro Bhikkhu, Small Boat, Great Mountain, p. 152