Saturday, 3/9/2013

Morning and the Waffle House seem so long ago
"biscuits and white gravy w/your eggs?"
Alisal to Blanco Rd., Reservation road, 
   sacred, sacred dirt     the air sock
   crops    forever and ever rows
   under queen visqueen 

Welcome to KPIG (aside: what city is this?)
it don't matter, this is KPIG FM

     "I wanna believe it's gonna be alright
      I wanna believe it's gonna be alright

      we're all rockin' in the same
      ol' boat"*

Hello all you piggies...

then (whiplash) we're in
a tea house,
             oolong and chrysanthemum
the gaiwan service
no electronics please

      "dismembers in order to forget"

I begin the chair. 
Finally. THE chair.
In the tea house. 
      spilled tea
      for my brush

"Oh look at that. It looks
like a postage stamp!"

After-tea stop at the Literary Guillotine -- 


I love this store!

Random lines from my bookshelf:

Each day I received an or-
ange, so delicious, and two
cups of fresh milk (extra);
then, I went upstairs to
walk in the sun, like that.

--- Catalina Cariaga, Cultural Evidence, p. 33.

*Fabulous Thunderbirds