Sunday 3/10/2013


woke up with a sore toe
gout? pre-gout? But no
redness, no heat. 

perhaps from the walk
back from Hidden Peak
& up Locust St. hill

a minor limp, but no
hike; a hermit day

Make the mark, gesture
rhythm, in lilac, black

Stanzaic. to think to
remember, make sense of?

"Political writer," words
to shape and build and to

"Struggle." to "change"
say "I am" and will this.


Assert, will, dismantle, 
rebuild, etc. "I am this" 
kind of writer, will do this, 
also this   and 

Will meet the "requirements"


Aspirin, I read, is the wrong
thing to take for gout (after
taking some)

      "screw daylight savings"
      she said

the busyness of the world
astounds me, yet another
    play, book, class, reading
    conference, tour, discussion,
    exhibit, fundraiser, interview
    kickstarter campaign, diet,
    panel, video

and in the logos some image or


       a mark, a line out 

Random lines:

She who lives beneath the city,
beneath the hills, she who waits, emerges

--- Stephen Vincent, "46," Walking Theory (p. 66)