Saturday, 3/16/2013

ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, ex'd lives
      as if they don't occasionally intrude
      in your dreams
           driving a black Lincoln Continental

saying that the World's Fair has parked
next to the apartment in Soho
"it was a perfect love"
                       and still the sun casts
shadows from the Mock Orange tree
on the blinds, and it's 9 a.m.

I'll say it: a mockery

and time is relative.
or pigeon-holed to each
              and somewhere two stars implode(d)

                       What happened
to the need to turn
i don't have it

Nice visit with C. in the Windmill
    salmon artichoke manchego cheese
    frittata; our lines converge
                at Staff of Life "This is 
the last time I'll shop here," a woman says
wanting the clerk to ask     "Why?"
  "I just can't afford it anymore.."
   There. She said it, needs to say it,
           I want to say it too, but I
           decide to splurge a whole
nine bucks, so WTF.

This town is beautiful in the sun. 
Shorts and hoodies: the local costume.

I eat my vegetable puffs
with Sriracha 
              rooster sauce.