Thursday, 3/21/2013

A grand design to begin
the day, or so
     the mind thinks,
a Kickstarter plan?
just "spinning my wheels?"

Old postcard from Alan Lau:
"Jean, if I could get
your review..."
The walk
    yields two empty
    condom wrappers
followed by two
used condoms one
after the other

Stuff happens
on a country road.

Two Black Elfin Saddles

Lobito accepts an
offering of weeds
   shakes/rubs off
   the dirt clod;
I should've known better, 
     but like that he's getting
fat. Better than
before, that mysterious
     Whatever happened
to "husbandry"?

      We avoid the bee
tree and they,
drunk on Ceanothus,
avoid us.

The good part,
You take my hand
lean in


TWO ravens chase each other across a field. The lone
male retires to a telephone pole in the alley, free to
contemplate pigeon shit on all the rooftops of the
world. the world fading into the war the day has
already lost against the dark, encroaching with glints
of smoldering gloom from San Francisco to Mexico
City, from Managua to Cuzco.

--- Sesshu Foster, City Terrace Field Manual, p. 128.