Sunday 3/24/2013

Carlos Villa died 

Feathers, fetished
bodies  leathers
            clay world flight
world, suspended 
teeth bones beaks

pink and green muddied
         ochre, sienna

Ms. Hagedorn cracked the whip
        over her males
Gangster Choir
       "rats"  "dogs"

the husband didn't
get it "insult"; blame it on
Manilatown early 80s isms

and Woy Loy Goy's
    black bean sauce
or revolutionaries
or women
or witches

a few years later
we go at it again
I hit the curb
    with my knee
Chinatown gutter water
    blood splat
    shredded skin
    flap I saw with
    a swiss army knife


      tattoo marks on paper
      are bloodless 
      Garbarek's sax
      notes whorl high, Officium

votive candle


                 where they wait
stone-colored stiff
in glass cases under museum light
                             the Baguio dead: mummies
naked except for bands
tattooed from ankle to knee
                        on forearms
like sleeves marks of a warrior
or wanderer or mother---

---Patrick Rosal, "30 June 2000,"
Uprock, Headspin, Scramble and Dive (p. 42).