Sunday 3/31/2013

The sheriff in the driveway
The meeting that spawns 3 more meetings
The oddly perfect "rainy" weather
The "maybe this one's a job interview" call
The "I think I can write this 30-page book
in less than a week" moment
The "The Politics of Drawing" moment
The change in arrival date
The other change in arrival date
The change in rehearsal schedule
The juggling of telecommute hours
The inability to reduce the word count
of a prose submission by the deadline
The goat mounting a sheep moment
The high probability that I will forget
something important
The sheriff in the driveway the next day


Lacking either space or time
Here we sit between Planck's Constant & the Speed of Light (c)
Theoretically discontinuous & haunted by an antique radio voice
(Mr. Jack Pearl in the character of "Baron Munchausen":
             "Was you there, Charlie?")

---Philip Whalen, "Letter to Charles Olson," The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen, p. 99.