Sunday 4/14/2013 x 2

Safe at home
    all day except
    a brief walk into
early April weather. From
the top of the hill the slough
    and all its tributaries
tidal salt marsh
         spread out
to Coast highway, the bridge,
Moss Landing power plant
and harbor
      cold fucking winds
whipping up ocean white caps
you can just
         almost see
in the hazy distance

but more feel
the chill
      and it hits you
even this far inland

Walking back to the house:
   one white, killing
   two fat chihuahuas
   half-hearted growls,
       the "bee tree's"
Ceanothus are shriveled
     all the blue


               my tangle gray hair, hard
pull on a comb   lengthen
       light through   window through
bathroom   gotta pee

   door through
       awaken simultaneous almost
         almost closer
closer still
                       to open email
mail   shuttle time   pulls out lengthens

Mmmm sherry French toast
     "mouth feel" a camera toast
dribble of syrup


some paint, some
              he's out in the yard
Gah shoveling shit
      open close
gloves I hope
open close          (thank you)

    that was some ochre, umber
    blue with sienna
    with      lines
    with      lines
       with a straight edge

low blood sugar maybe
       sunny but hazy and moisture
       the ocean smell
fucking cold    but     beautiful

WHERE is that Amanita?         a cat

       light trembles way down there
are we going down there     how far

           spread out   kind of map
             silvery fingers water
whatever and the
oh a weird shape pine
going back (warmer) because
up hill
      "hark, I hear a mower"

      at home  (home again, home again)
      time is
              a long cuddle
you were saying about
CSS html
    and tables