Sunday 4/28/2013

People-watching from Chipotle; "I hate those baggy shorts,
      makes their legs look so spindly." Another baby
bump. Big one. Lunch time observations from behind
      the window. Glad I found my credit card, other-
wise, all the bother about calling to put a hold on it.
      In Target. "What a diverse crowd." "For Santa Cruz."
Thank god they got rid of that ugly dolphin fountain.
      Earlier, talking about the weirdness of color.
What the hell is it? Not a thing. Light. Frequencies.
      Had to develop these strange organs to detect it.
Then sitting in the car with the doors open because
      the sun feels good. Just reporting. Might as well be
the news. Is the news, any poem. "Live Loud," that
      guy's bright pink tee. Fuschia. His partner's jazzy hat. 
Their son, all in black. It's Sunday. I remember to
      write a poem