Monday, 4/30/2013

12:42 a.m. Monday was not a bad day, overall. Marianne
is in La Serenissima
, and I’m jealous. The romance
of over there. When here is just fine. Beautiful, even.
In Bangladesh, they’ve mostly given up hope. Finally
looked at the photographs. The voyeur. But I can’t do it
anymore, buy without looking at the tags. Forever 21 can
rot in cheap couture hell. H&M too. Gap, Walmart, Ross,
whatever. Goodwill, here I come. Maybe I’m just tired.
Can’t and won’t make up poignant metaphors for murder.
Salinas cop arrested on DUI. Fukushima’s lethal water
leak can’t be plugged. Reading too many tweets. Did I
say “beautiful”? An Ash Throated Fly Catcher builds
a nest next to the porch light and we tiptoe around it.
A new cat, black and white, explores happily in our field.
My corner feels sacred. I’d say it’s not. But today
I think it is.