Thursday 5/2/2013

A peacock is wailing out there
          in the dark, a dog barking

          eternal soundings

   today's walk among the giant jacks
on the breakwater
salt spray
            the dredger's endless
task   because
          it wasn't the best place
to build a harbor.
          Lunch with you baby
pad Thai and red curry
Diversity Center's
friendly couch and tipsy
paintings, pamphlets explaining
how to do it safely
          "gonna be the worst fire
season ever"
          and yeah on the radio it's
already started, Santa Ana winds
down south. Dry as bone here
      Disney pulls out of
Bangladesh. "Meetings." 
             On Dolan road
the Oxalis has been halfway mowed;
great swaths of un-
yellow make plain
       the hiding places
of small creatures. A boon
                for the hawks