Friday, 7/5/2013

Memorial day, and (already) July 4th over. Here are a few
     rocks and pebbles dredged up for you

     air muggy from rockets red flare, bombs

Etc. the hawks at their usual...
           in the tall sycamore
I hear it. 
         The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
leads on, Jenny Diver takes a fall.
                  There will be more, no doubt
but first, breakfast, a clearing of the head 
      just getting up, seeing to
the human condition, the puggala

                           Now 9:13 pm
         after readings in a cafe
and I feel like a poet, an artist,
a what do you call it
                         a citizen
which doesn't take me off the hook
at all                  "I'm restless"
I say,                   
"I want to go
                         to the city." 
We don't, of course;
I'm here typing this
to you. Who has the money to go anywhere,
do anything? Somebody does.

From my bookshelf:

"Not a story about me through their eyes then. Find the
beginning, the slight silver key to unlock it, to dig it out.
Here then is a maze to begin, be in."
        ---  Michael Ondaatje, The Collected Works of Billy the Kid