I look at all the lonely people sings Paul
from speakers in the cafe where I'm writing this
             not feeling lonely at all

sitting smack in front of
    a lit table lamp on the for-sale
    table next to
    several German
    beer mugs. A portrait
    of Henry Weinhard stares
    at me from one of
    of the mugs. He looks

The bookstore makes a little
extra money selling yard sale
finds: a Mr. Peanut doll, a ceramic
big-hipped fertility goddess, giant
Filipino fork and spoon, wine racks,
a statue of liberty.
one of my favorite bookstores.
With a kitchen in the back, 
someone always
busy rolling out dough,
           baking, assembling salads,
making soup.
The kitchen is open
          to the public
so you can talk to the chef
while you wait for your