Monday, 7/28/2013

Changed the face
of my blog
         gave it a static
front page, made it a "website" 

So different 
      from the Geocities
      of 1999, 2000, 2001
      constant tinkering
of html
         now is it 8 or 9?
and css, and the trafficking
of one's image across the web
of life

accumulating "treasures" 
      mapped Joyce
      "all the world loves
a big gleaming jelly"
and Kate Bush
and anti-zionism

we tried the word bla blog
and it still sounds
                   like mud
and feels like dust bunnies

         the tree is down,
         has lost its meta-
     replaced by a spider's
     web, or a web of social
     relations, or a web of micro-

Gary said it: everyone's got
     their spiderweb

The tree casts its shade
and drops a few leaves;
I'll sit here quietly