Monday 8/26/2013

Nothing can be said that's not
              that said
I awoke

      looked up the shape, barred
and downy feathers, and yes it is
the softness that makes a barn owl's
flight silent

you asked about the painting
                     and we ran errands
I forgot about the dead dog
on Dolan Rd.

we kissed
had lunch
            and read in the park, waiting
for the stalls to open
bought cabbage and cauliflower
tomatoes fennel a nutella tart
   At Java n' Juice had small Americanas
   and read our respective books
          not bad for the nearly jobless
          underemployed    still hopeful
but then The
Usual Suspects
the Keyser Sözes
                remind me
                (even that personable
James Burke
     expounding on the timesaving
     treadmills   the mills)
                and then you note
the clothing, the standard items
in our pockets, the clocks
the things --
     what they lack