The Camera Looks East

Lately, I’ve been taking my little Sony Cybershot camera with me during my early morning commute on Hwy. 1 to work. I just point it east and click it; I don’t even look through the lens (I’m driving, after all!). So I’m not even sure what I’m shooting. Sometimes I shoot right through the dusty window. Looking east, near Del Monte Rd., the houses and neighborhoods end kind of abruptly, and the land opens up. The sun is rising, sometimes a white fireball, sometimes a damp blear. A fence; a stand of trees; a telephone pole; a bridge. Other lives and landscapes. Distances.

Copy of Looking East from Hwy1_JVengua

Copy of LookingEastThroughTheWindow_JVengua

Copy (2) of DelMonteRd_MarinaCA_JVengua

Copy of BridgeOverSalinasRiver_JVengua


This last photo was taken as I drove north in the late afternoon — but still looking east, this time the lens is pointed towards a field being plowed for what will be cauliflower.