Trust me

Trust me, you’re not
going to believe this.
Believe me, this is
the most incredible
thing you’ve ever seen.
You’re not going to
believe what happened
when this dog
when this cat
when this horse

with a skunk
with a soldier
with a Grizzly bear
with Kim Kardashian
with President ______
and a cat

This will change
your life! Look closer at
this photo. You’re not
going to believe your EYES!
This is so awesome! This will
make you believe in God
again. This will make you
believe in humankind. This
video will give you hope. OMG,
this is

This is what happens when you
take your parents for granted.
Look what happened. This will
change your life. This is.
Look what happened when
this sick, cancerous
this brilliant dog
this elderly
child, this soldier
came home. It made me cry!


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