Blood and Submissions

It’s taking longer than I thought to get my iron levels up. I’ve raised the dose. Feeling a teensy bit better every day (best of all, no muscle cramps for the last week) but it’s slow going. Nevertheless, I didn’t collapse the last time I went to the gym, and I’ve had energy enough to begin converting Local Nomad into an online literary journal. I’m now issuing my first call for submissions. And I received my first submission today! To find out more go to my newly revamped website, Local Nomad.

Otherwise…we are thinking of putting in a vegetable garden. Just thinking about it. We decided against chickens. The weather here on the foggy coast is not optimal for things–like tomatoes–that grow much better 20 miles inland. Beans, maybe. Squash, maybe. And there are all those forageable things out in the field, e.g. wild mustards and dandelions.

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