Inky Mica Caps clustering, an outgrowth. Under what might be ancient
cottonwoods. The rockets burst upward—whoosh, spring tiny parachutes

December 14, 1793. They call them Quirost warriors “Muwekma men” as drawn
by Choris later. But they attacked the Mission Santa Cruz, “partially burned”*

Never do well with the cold. Spoiled California brat (this isn’t “cold”) soft
mattress. The gum is healing. H-G Gadamer and play, and the heater drums

You insert the topic sentence here and don’t forget analysis. Wear the hat
take off the hat as you enter a room. Hold the door open. The opening

and it falls to the ground, or in one case, lands on a power line,
unretrievable. But the children aren’t sad; more where that came from


*From “This week in California history