Call for Submissions

The Face_photo by JVengua

Nearing the end of the call for submissions period on Deadline for “Killing Ground” is February 15; that’s right, the day AFTER the day of love. Would like to see more experimental art, vispo, and also non-fiction–experimental or otherwise, and could also include book or art reviews. Could that mean you? Guidelines are HERE. And for those of you who just can’t get around that “Killing Ground” theme, the issue after that will be open-themed, i.e. anything goes.

Still sending out Corporeal and Diaryo in search of publishers. Have decided not to write poems for online public consumption (well, maybe on rare occasion), so am doing all my writing now on a private blog, which functions nicely as my file cabinet. Working on a book project and a chapbook. I have a blog on Local Nomad, which mostly pertains to Local-Nomadish mag concerns. Here, I’m just writing about stuff. Like, say, playing my uke, or moving out of my house. I’ve been looking for a new place in Monterey. Oh, Monterey — conservative, snooty, food-obsessed, wonky, and beautiful Monterey.

I’m in a dangerous “redecorating” (online) mode. I’m also very irritated with both the old and new #Wordpress editing templates.