The Move

Have spent about the last month and a half preparing for, and finally moving to, Monterey, CA with my dear partner. I said goodbye to the horses, goats, hawks, and beautiful old oak trees, and and we are now back to living in a town, or rather a small city, near the beach, and also nearer to Big Sur and Point Lobos. I scaled down my belongings and gave away a lot of stuff, including my piano. I hope I never have to move again, but I imagine that I will. At the same time, somehow, I managed to put out another issue of Local Nomad, featuring a number of poets, art, and some prose. In this issue: Dida Kutz, Nguyen Louie, Bo Luengsuraswat, Joshua Aiken, Cornelia Barber, Tom Beckett, Valentina Cano, Jack Crimmins, William Doreski, Dion Farquhar, Howie Good, Seth Jani, Ron Lavalette, Joan McNerney, Kenneth Pobo, Jai Arun Ravine, J. Zimmerman, David G. Tilley, Marianne Villanueva, M. Leland Oroquieta, and Leny Mendoza Strobel. The theme for this issue is Killing Ground. The cover photo is from The Public Domain Review, a wonderful publication featuring essays with collected images from the public domain. See their current essay, “Forgotten Failures of African Exploration,” which is a good match for the “Killing Ground” theme of the Spring issue of Local Nomad.