I’m back…

OK, I’m back. Nothing like a change in your job situation to get you going in a new direction. So I spruced up this space a little, and will now use it mostly to keep me in line on my writing & art projects.

I’m still painting, still writing poems. But because writing online has prevented me from sending my work to some journals and publishers, most of my poetry writing will now be done offline. I’m working on a documentary poetry manuscript at the moment — and a couple other things.

Last time I wrote, I was living w/my partner in an apartment. Since then we have moved to downtown, “Old Town” — a much nicer area close to restaurants, the farmers’ market, stores. Good area for walking.

I recently learned that the property we’re living in was once occupied by an rather unconventional activist/poet priest; his mother lived in our cottage, and the priest lived in the larger house next door. No wonder there’s an iron cross on top of the wooden fence dividing the two properties. There are also beautiful roses and other flowers planted all around the cottage. I shot this eerie photograph of the cross in moonlight a few weeks ago:

IMG_0218 - Copy