“Ancient” Me

Stumbled across my “old” Okir blog; well, first I stumbled across Adam Fieled’s As Is Compendium, which led me to my old Okir blog circa 2004-2006 or so. Gotta say, I have a lot of nostalgic and mixed feelings about that time. I was writing a lot — a lot more than now. So I’m thinking about the circumstances that gave me momentum to write back then, and what’s happening now. I sounded pretty upbeat most of the time back then, but I was going through a lot. Deaths in my family. End of a marriage. So much. Today, my writing has slowed down (but hasn’t stopped), and I’m giving myself a more private space in which to write. And my interest in painting and visual arts has increased. There’s a certain stability in my life now. Lots of love and support. I’m more involved in community work. My creative life is more private these days, more paced, or maybe just moving slower, as I get older.