I keep wanting to design a small book for the sake of designing a small book. A chapbook or something. Something I’ve always wanted to do, since high school, when I DID design a small book (since lost).

So yeah a chapbook why the hell not. But not totally about the poems because I want this to be a visual object, too. And yet I don’t want it to be about being “handmade,” because sometimes I think those are just too “precious” in a way that bothers me. No, I’d like to design a book where the art has about the same weight as the poems, and they are integrated.

Oh I forgot that I designed a small book in junior high using the covers of an old book, and typing on pages that I glued in between the covers. I still have it, but it’s kind of a mess, that one. Not as much fun as the one I made later in high school.