What I’m doing now

  • Listening to the news (just turned it off). Jeezus.
  • Answering email/tasking for the two Asian cultural organizations I’m a member of. Working towards revitalizing the Chinatown neighborhood, wondering how we’ll move forward given the policies of the new Presidential admin. More reliance on local/private/state funding, I guess.
  • Promoting my freelance biz, Old Town Editing.
  • Painting: a 30 x 15″ canvas; “botanical” piece. Several days ago I reached some threshold that activated a switch in my brain, which totally changed my approach to painting. I’m on the 4th painting in this series, with no sign of needing to stop. Here are a couple that I finished yesterday:



  • Thinking about lunch… Looking out at gray skies over the trellised rose bush. I live in a cottage that belonged to a bohemian poet-priest and wine connoisseur (I kid you not), so when I look in this direction, I always see the little black, wrought-iron crucifix that he attached to the top of the trellis.