I’m here…somehow

I managed to put this site together today, despite some of the worst hayfever I’ve had in awhile — thanks to the City’s construction project to tear up Larkin St., just a few yards away from my house. And I mean tear it up — digging a huge trench down the whole street, and sucking gravel and dust up into some nameless monster of a machine, and shooting it out again into a truck, and also into the air for me to breathe. They started at 6:30 this morning, with a jackhammer, and it’s now continuing into the night. Oh, well, it’s for a good cause, repairing the streets…

Still, still…somehow I managed to do this (and worked today, too). And now maybe I’ll get some painting done. Or some writing. Or maybe I’ll get some sleep. That sounds good.

…and suddenly it’s quieter out there. I hope they’ve knocked off for the night.