Staging Art in #WallApp

I’m at a cafe today, escaping from the jackhammers and the dust of street repaving nearby. So while sipping my green tea latte I discovered OhMyPrints’ WallApp, which is used for staging art in virtual rooms. And hey, it’s free. So I’ve been having fun placing some of my art in rooms that have a simple, modern feel.

“Labor Day” (digital print).

Although my digital images can be blown up to larger sizes, most of my paintings have been fairly small. So it’s interesting to see how some of the smaller pieces would hold up when staged virtually as larger images.

Bull Market

“Bull Market,” a painting on paper, is only 25 x 25.5 inches. This image is blown up, and I think the boldness of the dark and light spaces work in a larger size. So this is making me think, yes — I could work larger, especially since a lot of my work is bold.

The Trickster Returns (Amanita Maki)

The actual size of “The Trickster Returns (Amanita Maki) is 20 x 16 x 3/4 inches.

Black Leaves

“Black Leaves” is tiny! Only 8.5 x 8.5 inches. But it’s fun to play with the sizing in WallApp. It’s helping me to revisualize my art and think about how the size of my works relate to areas in which they might be placed.