Journey to Elwah #painting

Journey to Elwah_2-3-2018_8x8 inches_JVengua (2) - Copy
Journey to Elwah 2/3/2018

“Journey to Elwah” is a new small painting: acrylics and ink on Khadi paper. This began as an old painting that I wasn’t happy with. So I got out the printing roller, and rolled some white acrylic over parts of it, then worked over that with some shapes and colors in acrylics. There was no sense of creating content, but after finishing it, I was reminded of the Elwah river in N. Washington state, and my desire to visit it one day. I’m fascinated by dam removal projects (mostly because I love seeing river systems come to life again), and watched online the undamming of the Elwah with interest. One day, I’d love to visit the Elwah river and the rivermouth near Port Angeles. I’ll certainly bring some drawing and painting tools with me!