“Trinidad.” #digital #painting

I like painting with traditional materials: paint (acrylics or oils) on canvas, paper, or wood. But I’ve been painting in digital with a tablet for about a year, now (mostly for personal design projects), and have come to enjoy it. I haven’t had any formal training in the use of digital tools, and no doubt I have much more to learn.

I started a painting a portrait of my mother, Trinidad, using using acrylics and collage on canvas, but I wasn’t happy with it. Several years later, I decided to re-do it digitally, keeping the collage parts exposed, and this is what I came up with:

Trinidad- sm_JVengua
“Trinidad.” Digital painting by Jean Vengua

My mother was a Manila Carnival Queen once upon a time (pre-WWII). The annual Manila carnivals were more like fiestas. My mother loved gardening and sewing, so I added in some tropical foliage, and made her staff into a big sewing needle; upon reflection, I realized this made her look a bit like one of Mary Norton’s “Borrowers” (as a child, The Borrowers was one of my favorite book series).