California Coast

I heard from a friend via Facebook  (who I hadn’t seen for decades) that my poem, “California Coast,” (under my old name, and written in the 1990s) was blown up and posted on a wall in the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (Santa Cruz MAH), along with a translation. It was part of Tom Killion’s exhibit for his book, California’s Wild Edge, which included my poem.

Hmm, did I really use the word “amongst” on that first line? Maybe I’ll have to make a revision. 😉 I’ll have to get down there soon and take a look!

Photo by Ed Jameyson, 2018.

Update: I did stop by, and indeed, there was the poem, and a couple visitors sitting in front of it, reading. Anyway, it was quite a surprise, and I kind of wish I had known beforehand, but no one told me they were going to use the poem in this way. Nevertheless, I was honored to share walls with poets Gary Snyder, Jane Hirschfield, and Jack Spicer, not to mention Tom Killion’s beautiful woodcut prints of California’s wild landscape.

CA Coast