Tiny #Sketchbooks

Tiny sketchbooks.
Two tiny sketchbooks. Photo by Jean Vengua.

Treated myself to a couple of tiny sketchbooks. The Pentalic is a gem, with a pocket on the inside front cover, but I really like the Myndology one, which has its pages on a ring (it can also be used to create flashcards). If I collage the pages, there’s plenty of room for expansion, and I can remove the pages easily, or shift the order. In high school I once made a little book containing some small ink drawings that illustrated a poem, and I “bound” it using my mother’s sewing machine (it wasn’t very thick). Something about that process was really satisfying and fun.

Nowadays, I like small or tiny sketchbooks as non-intimidating spaces of art practice. Yes, occasionally I find blank canvasses or large, blank pieces of paper to be intimidating. Besides, large canvasses take up a lot of space; and I don’t have a lot of space. Also, I like the way that a tiny sketchbook makes me see spatial values differently.