Packing & Shipping

So about those Saatchiart “stringent requirements” for packing. . . It took me over 6 hours to go out and find the materials and pack one 20 x 16 x .5 inch painting yesterday. It was also a relatively expensive process (given the state of my finances). Since this is the first time I’ve sold anything straight off, I wanted to follow the guidelines carefully, using only the recommended materials. The instructions weren’t kidding when they said one should reserve at least 2 days to get everything together, pack, and ship. I’m still impressed, though, with Saatchiart’s close monitoring of sales, attention to detail, and customer service, including for artists. And hopefully I’ll sell other paintings, get the drill down, and figure out how to do this more economically without skimping on quality of materials.

Oh, and remember my previous discussion about tiny art and big art? Well, I’m definitely going to keep my works on Saatchiart on the smaller side, less that 48 x 48.” Why? Because Step 6 in the packing instructions begins with “Next, build a wooden crate . . .”