Website Renovations


I’m planning on renovating my website, based on feedback I’ve gotten recently. Main thing I want is to simplify, use a fairly minimalist template, and present my work in a larger format (rather than thumbnail images). Also important: it must be VERY EASY and fast to upload art onto the site. Previously, I have gone for “portfolio” templates, but (at least on WordPress) they always seem to be overly complicated and time consuming to use.

I need TIME to create, and I don’t want to end up spending hours viewing tutorials and trying to figure out and then remember all the different steps it takes to add images and text to a page. So I’m thinking of just using “pages” as the most basic format for showing painting images. Finally, I’m already paying a fee for this website, and I don’t have lots of money to add all the bells and whistles. That said, I’ve been doing a little research, and here are a few artist websites that are SIMPLE and inspiring:

Robert Pokorny:

Yvette Asmira:

Michael Falzoni:

Alayne Spafford:

10/13/2018 Update: I’m mostly done transferring my content to the new theme. Aside from the menu, I’ve eliminated about 90% of the words from the front page, although you can find plenty in the “About” and other pages on the menu. Hope you like the new, simple look of the site.