Starting the Year Off Right

This year, 2019, has started off well. First, my poetry book, Corporeal, was published, and I just received copies of it from the printer, Bookmobile. See my unboxing video below.

Big thanks to Dana Teen Lomax for her fantastic editing, and to Nicole Mauro, Marthe Reed, and other members of Black Radish Books, as well as to M. A. Fink for the cover image, and Jared Hayes and Dung Pham for design expertise. Sadly, Marthe Reed passed away last year; I appreciated her support and gentle guidance through this publishing process. You can read her description of my book in the paragraph she wrote for it on my author page (under my photograph). Corporeal should be available for purchase from SPD (Small Press Distributing) soon. Now, I’m looking for reading venues… 

Second, I will be doing a two-women art show with the wonderful artist Zoya Scholis, featuring our paintings and collages at The Lab in mid-March, this year.

Third, I just received a commission to do 4 small paintings that are visual responses to the work of 4 poets. Along with various other projects, this will be a busy year. I’m still working on the Buson 100 challenge of tiny paintings on paper, which will be complete in March. Looking forward to more writing and art and fun! I’d also like to make this my year of more blogging. So, stay tuned…

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