Art / Write

I am reading and re-reading 4 beautiful and thought-provoking poems, for which I am commissioned to make art that responds to poetry. Setting aside freelance editing work for an afternoon (as well as social networking for a nonprofit), I was thankful to have some time to spend a few hours sitting in a cafe, taking notes.

Colors, media, shapes, line, flow, disjunction, coolness, fire, memory, kapwa. What links these poems together? Where are the fractures? In a synesthetic* way, what colors, sounds, textures do they evoke? But this is also making me want to write more poems… (my writing has slowed down quite a bit, even since before my book (Corporeal) was published. Writing will help me to make the necessary connections and leaps between words and visuals.

Aquatic Poem (Asemic). Ink on paper, 2/4/2018.

All of this, the visuals, the writing — even the freelance work, where I spend hours a day editing texts on salmon, crab, squid, fisheries, turtles, etc., or tutoring writing students on grammar and punctuation — ends up entering the art-making process.

*I’m not a synesthete, but I do think that reading and language can evoke visual and other sensory experiences on various levels, albeit subtle.