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BIO: Jean Vengua (pronounced Véngua)

I’m a visual artist and writer/poet, author of Prau (Meritage Press), Corporeal (Black Radish Books, 2019), and a chapbook, The Aching Vicinities (Otoliths Press). With Mark Young, I co-edited the First Hay(na)ku Anthology, and The Hay(na)ku Anthology Vol. II. In the mid 1990s, My poetry and essays have been published in many journals and anthologies; more recently excerpts from my poem, “Marcelina,” were featured in the documentary film, The Celine Archive, to be released in 2020.

I have returned to the visual arts after a hiatus of several decades, during which I focused on writing, experimental poetry, and teaching. As with writing, my art tends to be experimental and process-oriented. I’m interested in exploring life’s vitality, power, and the uncanny through abstract color, shape, and line. While I have worked with acrylic paint and multimedia, I’m currently focusing on small, contemplative works on paper. I am proud to be an older Pilipinx artist; my family and parents’ immigrant experiences often inform my process.



  1. I just googled myself and saw you read one of my collaborative poems “Lemon Moon” (last year). Thank you for choosing and honoring us.

    May Garsson (


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