Buy Art

If you would like to learn more about a piece, or my process, just email me at I’d be happy to chat. To buy my art, please choose one of the following two easy methods:

#1: Contact me via email at I will email you back with the price of the painting, which will include shipping, starting at $30 in U.S. (unless we can arrange for local delivery/pickup), and sales tax (8.750%).* You may send your payment via PayPal, or by check sent to my mailing address.

#2: Go to my SaatchiArt page, and make your purchase there. collects a 30% commission on the sale of my paintings, and the prices they list also include shipping. Note that not all the paintings shown in my portfolio are currently listed in SaatchiArt. I am currently updating my SaatchiArt site.

Whether you choose method #1 or #2, your painting will be signed, either on the front bottom-right of the painting, or on the back. For shipping, I will carefully wrap each painting you purchase in archival paper and bubble wrap, then enclose it in a well-padded box, also sealed with postal tape. I will also enclose a note of authentication with brief details about the painting (title, materials, year, artist name).

*CA sales tax for 2018 includes the following:
CA State 6.250%
Monterey County 1.000%
Monterey 0.000%
District(s) 1.500%
Total Sales Tax Rate: 8.750%