"Book as data object..."

          "Request Feedback," "Add New Post,"   as everyday

                as the kite's "kewwt"
to its mate
           to the crows above and below

                     as a friend's hover
over spectator
            or any. Or lover.

Or beloved notes, imprecise sketchings
       of phrase, line,
in "ink"
                for later under
standing. (cause

                effect, not so

random)                                   a reach ---
                     Just as adoption
looks toward that relation

thinks it (gently?) through the


how sweetly the bloom

Minor headache
America is loping along
one foot in the stirrup

the other shaking off
a wolverine; still,

driving with you is
fine, looking for a
restaurant —

a poem, a she-wolf
or some really good

She tells me they
had to stop feeding
the birds because

of the influx of “Norwegian
Rats,” big as gophers,
then we meditated

and then I pondered
Laurie Anderson’s change
of voice, and how sweetly

this politics blooms into
something familiar; if
only, if only, I hadn’t

rolled with this genre
if only I’d felt it rock
through the cracks,

and spoken more lightly
of myself. If only that.