Monterey, CA, US

About Jean Vengua

I'm a Filipina American mixed-media artist and author living in Monterey, California.

My art reflects an interest in our changing environment and a growing awareness of human fragility and interdependence with all life forms on this planet. OuPeinPo and other rule-based “games” allow a structured process that’s always surprising and curtails the tendency to “overthink” and “overdo” when creating art.

Working in a small space (once a priest’s cottage), I create art on a contemplative and intimate scale (from as small as 5 x 5 in. to [currently] 18 x 18 in.). Mediums are graphite, ink pencil, collage, and cold wax medium on paper, and occasionally acrylics or oil paint.

I'm also a published poet and writer,  and will create another section focusing on my writing in the near future.