abstract painting


FEATURED ART:  "Pandemic Garden" (18 x 18 in.) is currently for sale in my store.

DRAWING & PAINTING is for me a practice of being in the moment and interconnected with the world around me and within. In my current exploration of  artist books, it's a way of playing with  visual narrative.

MIXED MEDIA: Through collage and various analog  processes and media, I explore, rearrange, and recycle the transient materials and fragments of a life.

I'm on Mastodon.art as @JeanTangerine

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Art can be purchased on this site, directly from the artist, and also on Saatchi Art.
A sample of individual works and work in series:

Geomancy (series), 18 x 18 in., 2021.

Pandemic Garden. 18 x 18 in. , 2020.

Patternmaker 1 (collage series), 12 x 12 x 1.5 in., 2017.

Unmapping (Series), 10 x 10 in., 2022

Cutwork. 18 x 18 in. , 2020.

Geomancy (series), 18 x 18 in., 2021.


It is an honor to revisit Jean Vengua’s long poem, “Marcelina,” two decades after it was first published in the anthology Babaylan. “Marcelina” is jarring in its quiet, meditative moments, contrasted against voices and acts of historical violence. Vengua asks us to join her, to unearth our buried history and herstory, look hard at the violences we have inflicted upon our own. Vengua resists the insularity, the suffocation of that history, pays back this violence with witness, with gentle words. She pays respect to the woman, Marcelina, by honoring the earth in which she was interred. — Barbara Jane Reyes, author of Invocation to Daughters and Letters to a Young Brown Girl. 

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Carmel River Beach

I'm located in coastal Monterey County 

. . . living on a hill in Monterey, CA called "Hunukul" by indigenous Rumsen Ohlone who once lived there.

View my art this October 15 & 16, 2022 at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts in Carmel Village, for Arts Habitat Studio Tours.