FAQ about the artist:

Who are you?

I'm a Filipino American multi-media artist, writer, and archivist. Except for several months in the Pacific Northwest, I have lived all my life on the central coast of California.

What kind of art do you create?

I create multi-media, mostly non-digital art. My favorite mediums are ink, acrylics, and cold wax medium on paper. I also enjoy making collages from found materials. I experiment with asemics and generative prompts (based on Oulipo or Oupeinpo constraints), and lately I've enjoyed creating small accordion-fold artist books and sketchbooks.

What influences your art?

The act of writing (as well as content), sound, Buddhist meditation, and the larger flux and movement of climate, geology, biological growth, and catastrophe influence my art. I am also influenced by Filipino-American diasporic culture and decolonial imperatives.

What do you write?

Check out my books page for brief information about my published poetry books. My interest in early 20th c. Asian American newspapers is expressed in my CommonwealthCafe newsletter. I'm also scanning my parent's post-WWII era letters for a future nonfiction writing project.

I work as staff writer/editor for an Asian American nonprofit, Asian Cultural Experience, and I am a freelance copyeditor, specializing in Asian and Asian American and Pacific Islander texts in the humanities.

Where else can you be found online?

I have two free Substack newsletters:
Eulipion Outpost (art, culture, & me!) and CommonwealthCafe (FilAm print media & archives)

You can support my art with a donation on my Ko-fi page.

I'm in the Fediverse and support open source and distributed social media: @jeantangerine at mastodon.art @jeantangerine on PixelFed @jeanevergreen at montereybay.social Neocities: jvengua.neocities.org