Screen eyes

I have been dealing with an email backlog and related tasks today, which has stretched out to hours, somehow. Looking … More

Post-Open Studios

Just a quick update on my first Open Studios experience. Well, I gotta say — it went well. Here’s a … More

Tiny #Sketchbooks

Treated myself to a couple of tiny sketchbooks. The Pentalic is a gem, with a pocket on the inside front … More


Continuing with my collage experiments, now using wood panel instead of paper. Ahh, much better. “Brett’s Last Dance.” Collage, haptics, … More

Staging Art in #WallApp

I’m at a cafe today, escaping from the jackhammers and the dust of street repaving nearby. So while sipping my … More

I’m here…somehow

I managed to put this site together today, despite some of the worst hayfever I’ve had in awhile — thanks … More